Tenant Fit-Out Projects

Tenant Fit-Out Projects

In the modern world, there are many types of construction that might sound confusing to people. Tenant fit-out project is one of these terms. If you want to invest in this popular project, you can learn what it is and its benefits by reading this article.

What is a tenant fit-out project?

Tenant fit-out projects are the plans that make the interior space suitable for a commercial occupation. The landlord typically provides a white box space that includes a subfloor, plumbing, ADA compliant restrooms, standard white walls and ceilings, elevators and egress stairs, HVAC system and fire safety. A white box is typically an empty rental space equipped with the bare minimum requirements and this space must comply with the local building codes.

Once the lease is signed, the tenant starts working on his or her end of the fit-out project. The plans must be prepared based on the tenant’s program and needs by a design professional. A tenant fit-out project typically includes new partitions, doors, ceilings, lighting fixtures, power and data outlets, millwork, floor and wall finishes. Depending on the scope of work, these plans generally must be signed and sealed and be submitted to the local building department for the construction permit.

How to design a tenant fit-out project?

In addition to tenant fit-out projects fundamental design needs, there are some specialized requirements as well depending on the type of business that will be accommodated. Since commercial occupation demands more effort in design, you have to be aware of the cost that comes with it. For instance, decorative lighting, and customized ceilings can make the project more distinct and more eye-catching for the tenants.

Apart from that, customized doors, millwork and decorative plumbing fixtures can also be included in the design. For an outstanding tenant fit-out project design, lighting fixtures need to be specified after lots of consideration and research. In addition to designing a pleasant and attractive space, functionality and cost are also essential factors to be considered during the design process.

What is the cost of designing a tenant fit-out project?

Just like any other interior construction, the cost of a tenant fit-out project varies on the scope of work, the equipment and finishes.

With comprehensive planning beforehand, it is possible to get an accurately estimated price based on the construction drawings prepared by the design professional. However, you should also be prepared for minor price fluctuations while designing a tenant fit-out project. If you hire a professional construction team, these fluctuations stay as minor shifts.

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