Zoning Approval

Zoning Approval

Zoning approval is required for every new construction and addition project. Prior to the construction drawings review; the town examines if the proposed design complies with the zoning ordinances to make sure the proposed project will be constructed according to the permits and limitations. A comprehensive zoning analysis that examines the location, size, height, and the use of the building is prepared by an architect for a zoning application. This article is about the basics of zoning approval.

What is zoning approval for?

With zoning ordinances, the local governments control the land development in a region. In this way, the method of using and developing the region is overseen. Thereby, it controls public safety and environmental measures. It is beneficial for the property owners, residents, and the citizens all together.
The purpose of the zoning review is to build logical and safer communities. However, it can be challenging and frustrating for property owners from time to time. That´s why searching for the requirements of getting approval beforehand makes the process easier.
Zoning regulates many kinds of factors that affects the public health and safety. For instance, the minimum percentage of open area, building height, types of businesses, parking and vehicle traffic, advertising signage, noise, smoke, and odor, the percentage of your home dedicated to business etc.

What does zoning regulate?

Before recognizing how to get zoning approval, you need to understand what it regulates. This approval defines how a certain property can be used in a specific geographic region. While the zoning ordinances differ in towns remarkably, their common feature is to separate the commercial, manufacturing and residential districts.
Apart from the location, zoning is also about the features of the building. It regulates the size, placement, height, and density of the building. All of the rules are determined by the government based on experience to improve the community. Especially for towns with a distinct architectural identity, zoning approval is extremely important.
In addition to constructing from the ground or making an addition, the zoning approval is also required in the case of changing the use of a building such as changing it from a single family to two family house or from a residential use to a commercial use.

How to get zoning approval?

To get zoning approval, the architect prepares a zoning analysis along with a set of schematic design drawings showing the proposed scope of the project. The zoning ordinances differ from town to town. Since the local governments decide on these ordinances, the architect checks out the regulations of the specific municipality where the project is located.

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