Commercial Remodeling

Commercial Remodeling

As your business grows, you might need more space. If you want to have a more pleasant workplace without spending too much money, commercial remodeling is a perfect idea. Also, with this renovation, you do not have to change your business´s location. By reading this article, you can find out the benefits of commercial remodeling, and how to decide whether to have it or not.

The Definition of Commercial Remodeling

Commercial remodeling is renovating a property for commercial uses instead of constructing a building from the ground. This kind of remodeling is usually preferred by businesses that want to expand their space without spending too much money. Also, a business that has grown and wants to have a luxurious design might choose to have commercial remodeling.
A commercial remodeling project decreases the expenses of a building as well. As the building gets older, the maintenance bills get higher. After the commercial remodeling, the building can get the new energy efficiency and sustainability standards that increase the reliability of your business and reduce the cost of maintenance. In this way, commercial remodeling can be quite beneficial.

The Steps for Commercial Remodeling

To remodel a property for commercial causes, there are some steps you should take. Before hiring a contractor, you need to be assured that he or she has experience in this matter. While commercial remodeling might be a simple task, it can also be complicated. So, you should also hire a professional architect based on your needs and demands.

The first step for commercial remodeling that the professional architect takes is planning and designing the project. The length of this step depends on the complexity, the client’s needs and the size of the project. Afterward, the next step is value engineering. The contractor submits an estimate and depending on the price, there might be some minor changes approved by the architect to save cost. A construction permit is required by the local authorities. The required paperwork and drawings must be submitted to the building department for this permit. The construction, therefore, structural repair, electrical, plumbing and HVAC work starts once the permit is obtained. Before the general contractor closes the project, the construction team should clean the property up.

The Differences Between a New Building and a Remodeled Building

When a company wants to grow or have a more comfortable pleasant space, the most important decision is between having a new building and remodeling the existing one. During this decision, you need to consider your needs, wants and budget. The main advantage of commercial remodeling is that it requires less budget. Apart from that, the business location does not need to change with remodeling.

With commercial remodeling, it is possible to represent the theme of the business. So, the new space reflects the business approach and concept. Besides, the value of the property increases. Considering the advantages of commercial remodeling, it might be a good idea to choose that.

As you see throughout the article, commercial remodeling is a beneficial option for businesses that want to grow. If you also plan on remodeling, you should hire a professional architect and a general contractor for the renovation to be more satisfactory.

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