Construction Permit Drawings

Construction Permit Drawings

Before construction, there are numerous pieces of permission you need to obtain and architectural drawings must be submitted for the construction permit. These drawings represent the different aspects of the construction to demonstrate whether the project is appropriate and whether it follows the local codes. To learn more about the permit drawings, you can read this article.

The Definition of Construction Permit Drawings

Construction permit drawings are the files that demonstrate whether the construction is appropriate according to the codes. There are some requirements for a construction permit in every city. So, these drawings are essential for construction. However, they might not include every detail that is shown in the actual construction drawings. The permit drawings consist of the site plan, elevations, floor plans, energy code compliance, structural, electrical and plumbing. Therefore, if the files are being prepared meticulously, permission would be given on short notice. The permit drawings must be prepared, signed and sealed by a licensed architect.

The Definition of Full Construction Drawings

As mentioned before, the full construction drawings are more detailed than the construction permit drawings. Thus, the preparation and documentation period are longer. These drawings consist of similar things, which are floor layouts, complete specifications, millwork details, specific elevation, trim packages, lighting, and so on. However, they are more detailed and comprehensive.

Since full construction drawings are the graphic representation, they demonstrate every aspect of the construction to the contractors. In this way, pricing the building beforehand is possible. Also, observing the project at this stage allows the contractors to come up with practical solutions when needed.

The Benefits of Construction Drawings

Construction permit drawings and full construction drawings are beneficial in numerous aspects. First of all, an accurate budget can be set by analyzing the drawings. Secondly, the timeline is understood as well. Because the drawings demonstrate the construction as a whole. Because everything about the construction is determined in the early stages, thanks to these comprehensive drawings, the construction phase runs smoothly without major issues.

For these benefits to appear, construction permit drawings and full construction drawings need to be clear and adequate. Everything should be labeled clearly. Besides, the scaling should be accurate. In conclusion, construction permit drawings must show the full scope and code compliance. For the process to run smoothly, you should work with a professional team.

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