Home Addition

Home Addition

A home addition is a kind of project that results in additional space in the home. With this home improvement project, it is possible for the residents to extend their existing homes instead of purchasing bigger houses. Because there are many types of home addition, you should know all the basics about that.

What is home addition?

A home addition is a project for building onto an existing house. With this project, you can obtain an increase in the living space. While this project might be something quite small, it can also be extensive. Based on to the local zoning ordinances and building codes, the design professional explains the homeowner how much height and area can be added to the existing house without a zoning variance application.

If the home addition project only consists of one additional room, it is more affordable. However, if you need more than one room, it requires more energy and budget. Before starting this project, you should consider your demands and plan on the project accordingly.

What are the advantages of a home addition?

A home addition project gives you the luxury of having the house you have always imagined. Your house might be old or have different features. But with a home addition, you can create your own living space. In addition to that, this method is extremely efficient.

No matter how efficiently you decorate your home, it cannot be same as adding space. Finally, it has a great high cost-value ratio. An additional space can increase the value of your home to a level that you have not expected.

Town requirements for a home addition

Even though you want to conduct the home addition project, there are some circumstances or conditions to accomplish that. First of all, you need a zoning approval from the town for the additional footprint and height. The town will review if the proposed project complies with the local zoning ordinances. The town will also question the project’s harmony with the neighborhood you live in.

Once the zoning approval is obtained, you need to submit construction drawings showing architectural, structural, electrical and plumbing scope of work signed and sealed by design professionals. The town reviews if the proposed work complies with the local applicable codes and issues a construction permit.

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