Schematic Design

Schematic Design

The architect´s design has many phases and schematic design is one and first of them. These phases are schematic design, design development and construction documents. By following these steps, a successful construction can be conducted. That´s why each step should be analyzed carefully. By reading this article, you can understand the basics of schematic design.

What is schematic design?

Schematic design is the first step of an architect´s design. This is the phase when the needs and wants of the building owner are discussed. Since the basic structure of the construction is determined in this step, it might be the hardest step of the construction.

The task of the building owner is to think about his or her demands about the building at this step. On the other hand, the architect´s duty is to create a fundamental design based on the owner´s requirements and the construction techniques offered in the region. The schematic design determines the whole process. Hence, it is crucially important.

What is the purpose of a schematic design?

The benefits of a schematic design have many aspects. First of all, since it is the stage where the architect and the building owner settle on an overall design, it determines the path you are taking. While the owner normally has an idea about the project, it transforms into something real in this stage.

In addition, the scale of the project is determined in that process. Sometimes the demands and the budget do not go together. However, the schematic design shows the reality to both sides. This process represents every part of the project.

What does a schematic design include?

There are various items that a schematic design consists of. This design should be complete and error-free for the construction process to be convenient. Because the schematic design turns the project program into physical drawings, it must include almost everything about the project.

A schematic design consists of building elevation, existing conditions plan, floor plan, project team, site plan. For additional requests, the schematic design might include several other things.

Schematic design is the first step of the project design. So, it must be solid for the whole process to be adequate. That´s why you should hire an architect to have a smooth construction phase.

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